Price measured by the trend of the economy:

Educated agent with degrees in economy knows how to forecast future prices take that to their buyers and can explain the correlation between homes price and the performance of the country economy and let the buyers know that the interest rate is one of the major factors that impact the speed of property transactions.

Professional agent would notify both parties, the less money available to be supplied by bankers, private lenders make selling a property more challenging. I mean here a higher inters rate will reduce buyer’s capacity that means fewer qualified buyers and more houses to choose from, thus showing property for sales will become harder than before. I believe. Seller should re-think on their asking price before it is too late. Here let us agrees that all buyers will be affected. Let us work with that issue before it becomes a problem. A professional agent must inform the sellers to be more flexible when received on offers.

Now some should ask. How about if interest rate dropped? All economics signs show that dropping in the interest rate most likely would not happen at least at the time being.