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Overcome the misconceptions about online valuation


Most of the online searching sellers base their home price on inaccurate online home valuation tools. The agent has a tough time to convince them to trust their professional assessment price.
The seller wanted to sell their home quickly, so they could move on with their life. Some of these sellers weren’t concerned with making a big profit on the sale, they just wanted a short timeline to close. So, they researched online trying to get sort of value to their home, here according to what the internet said their home value worth on Zillow, Trulia, and other automated valuation models they discover that their home valued at say a P$ price. Then they try to hire a professional agent that was invited to help, where he or she made their homework (COMPs & CMA) and comes up with just $$$ higher price than the online. But the sellers wanted from the agent to respect the online quoted price for a quick sale, Agent did his a professional valuation and found out that the three-bedroom, two-bath home sat on 10,000 square feet of land, that consider signing a listing of their prospective sellers were undervaluing and in fact they say it loud and clear that they are cheating themselves in an X amount and they should list for PX amount. Sellers reply they want quick sale…. Here is the question. What is the Realtor agent reply should be?

I do think that it is the responsibility of the agent to ask their seller to do further researched local market data using the RPR resource and look at the comparable listings that are on the market and what sold that are similar to their home in their neighborhood, agent should do his or her best to convince their prospective sellers to list their home according to the market price which is P+X, and do his or her utmost effort to prepare an advertising campaign to exposure their listing to wide vast of agents to honor their seller request (Quick Sale) which means more work and more advertising-If agent are not willing to go that rout he or she should be more frankly and honest to tell their seller to find another broker that is willing to handle that challenge! 
An honest agent that applies the business ethical code should never surprise their sellers with the bad news that he or she could not sell the house in the time frame, and at the same token let the sellers know that you would not list their home for the sake of quick earning commission and deprive the seller of an extra cash they could easily make. If the seller still insists on the low price. My advice to the agent has just left them and refuse to list their home. 

This is an ongoing issue that faces professional agent: How could they convince sellers that your resource is more accurate than third-party real estate sites. “These sites are more for entertainment drives. The savvy agent needs to approach every individual seller with the assumption that they are not familiar enough with the marketing, the reason we as an agent built that assumption because we know that those price quoted was collected from unreliable sites, and seller needs to”:?

LET a professional agent look after his benefit, and don’t worry much about paying a commission. How to think that way? It is an easy question with an easy answer just click here (How agent get paid) 
In order to do that, agents must be educated on the hyper-local stats that matter the most to a client’s sale and present a detailed price analysis that contradicts the average value price that is giving by online site that was never take in account the intricacies of the area or the upgrades on the home, and a prepared agent can show a seller how those variables affect price,” Dr. Pavone” says. That agent should go a long way toward building trust with his or her clients, which is vital if they are going to feel comfortable accepting your advice and guidance. Sellers must have more confidence in you Mr., Or Mrs, agent than they do the internet. To build this confidence, agents must be able to present a detailed CMA & COMPs and explain the difference between an elevated level of knowledge and authority.”
Guarantee after agent supplied professional market analysis, sellers will realize that their agent would never leave thousands of dollars on the table without informing their seller that they would claim it in a time manager according to the seller time frame of selling their house, we did explain that issue above. “Once the sellers considered the value of information that agent brought to them, they would realize that it is the time to put a little faith into their agent,” Dr. Pavone,” says. Seller would eventually compromise on the list price, putting the home on the market for $PX which indeed are higher than their original asking price $P. 
Dr. Pavone did write about that issue in one of his book called " CHOOSE YOUR AGENT"  he did explain that issue in a simple way indicated that savvy agent must be prepared ahead of time and bring his or her laptop with them when they meet with their client (Sellers or Buyers) showing them his or her CMA & COMPs. That’s important and more important showing loyalty and taking care of their clients (the sellers) and getting them the most money for their home in the shorter time even if it cost me more money spent on advertising.” and do the same if it happened that he or she is a Buyers agent, negotiate purchase price and lead them to better contract's terms, what I mean here is suitable contract details that is same important as the purchase price, details such as the amount of the down payment,  interest rate if seller hold mortgage, terms of payment, the condition of the property which open the door to reduce the price, etc. Sellers and Buyers deserve to be served with utmost professional way, with great manner. If your agent can't do that, he or she is not your agent.

Please allow me to lead you to sell your property for the highest market price in the shortest time "This is my job" as your agent work for you, my focus would be on your listing. You will like my service and my loyalty (GUARANTEED).

Dr. Luigi Pavone
Ph.D. In Marketing Economics
Doctor of Business Administration
Accredited Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA)
Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI)